Too Much Halloween Candy? Make a Unique Dessert!

Make creative desserts out of leftover Halloween candies. It’ll be messy and maybe even ugly, but lots of fun. 

Use a food processor to crush your favorite combo of salty, sweet, chocolatey, buttery or minty snacks to top ice cream, cupcakes, yogurt, cake or cheesecake. Add graham cracker crumbs or top with raspberry or chocolate drizzle. 

Make M&M Rice Krispies squares, or a giant s’mores cookie with chocolate bar chunks, layered with toasted marshmallows. Top your hot chocolate with tiny s’mores bits. Chocolate bark is as easy as melting leftover chocolate bars, nuts, peppermints, pretzels or dried fruit in a baking dish in the microwave. 

And if you have no clue what to do with super sweet or sour candies like Skittles, mix them into hot Jello and let it set, or make Skittle slushies with Sprite. Slurp the rainbow.