Make a Vegetarian Dish with Thanksgiving Leftovers

With so many leftovers crowding the fridge, it becomes a culinary adventure to mix and match ingredients to create amazingly quick meals that can be fully vegan or adapted to include leftover meats or your favorite proteins. Here are some suggestions:

  • Cheesy Stuffed Peppers
  • Shepherd’s Pie with mushrooms, carrots, green beans and more
  • Mashed Loaded Potato Cakes or Waffles – add some rosemary and thyme
  • Wild Rice Wrap with lettuce, leftover veg, cranberry sauce
  • Stuffing Rebake – Reheat stuffing with your favorite leftovers and broth, top with gravy or sauce
  • Thanksgiving Next Day Soup, just about everything in the slow cooker for anyone, any time 
  • Joyous Leftover Bowl, topped with sesame seeds and Asian dressing
  • Grilled Tofu or tempeh with cider slaw and cranberries
  • Veggie pizza with cauliflower crust
  • Stuffed pita – make it colorful, top with avocado and lime juice