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Thanksgiving Desserts Transformed

Give your leftover Thanksgiving desserts a surprising second round.  Cranberries, cranberry sauce and toasted pecans can combine to make delicious hot buttered breakfast scones, muffins, loafs or snack bars. Dab some cranberry sauce on sandwiches or as a yogurt topping. Use cranberries or cranberry sauce plus orange juice and spices to make a ham glaze, […]

Bananas Going Bad? Freeze Them! Here’s How.

Bananas tend to go ripe quickly, becoming mushy and turning brown. If you can’t get to the whole bunch fast enough, try freezing them, or else spring into action to make banana-walnut bread, banana muffins, banana-chocolate pie, banana pancakes, banana smoothies and banana ice pops. All of these can also be frozen for some time. […]

Too Much Halloween Candy? Make a Unique Dessert!

Make creative desserts out of leftover Halloween candies. It’ll be messy and maybe even ugly, but lots of fun.  Use a food processor to crush your favorite combo of salty, sweet, chocolatey, buttery or minty snacks to top ice cream, cupcakes, yogurt, cake or cheesecake. Add graham cracker crumbs or top with raspberry or chocolate […]

Circular Fashion: Turning Waste into Clothing

A complete overhaul is happening in the fashion industry to stop waste and keep textiles ‘in play’ for longer periods of time – perhaps permanently. Replacing the massive waste of fast fashion, this is the new concept of circular fashion. New fibers are plant-based, made to simulate polyester or nylon. Much of this pulp comes […]

Paris Olympics – First Major Event Without Single Use Plastics

The Paris 2024 XXXIII Summer Olympic Games will take the bold lead of being the first major event to disallow single-use plastics.  Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced this ambitious plan on May 26, 2023. Sporting and sustainability-minded worlds alike are eagerly talking about France’s progressive initiatives to provide new alternatives to plastic.  Hidalgo cited the […]