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Paris Olympics – First Major Event Without Single Use Plastics

The Paris 2024 XXXIII Summer Olympic Games will take the bold lead of being the first major event to disallow single-use plastics.  Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo announced this ambitious plan on May 26, 2023. Sporting and sustainability-minded worlds alike are eagerly talking about France’s progressive initiatives to provide new alternatives to plastic.  Hidalgo cited the […]

The UK is Banning Single Use Plastics

The United Kingdom made it official this year: they are banning single-use plastics as of October 1, 2023, backed enthusiastically by 95% of individuals polled. Starting in October, retailers and food vendors cannot use these items, even if they have some left in stock. They are being encouraged to find immediate alternatives.  It is estimated […]

Pyrolysis: a Possible Solution for Contaminated Recyclables

What happens when a #7 gets mixed up with a batch of #1 or #2 recyclables? It contaminates the whole batch. Plastics may start with the same basic ingredient of crude oil, but they become bound differently with the addition of polymer combinations that make a plastic girder feel and act differently from stretch pants. […]

Surprising Things That Cannot be Recycled

There are some things that you may have thought were curb-recyclable, but aren’t. Even if they have recyclable markings on them, local recyclers often don’t have the machinery to process them, or they are coated with something problematic. To name a few: You can toss corrugated, plain cardboard and paper food containers into the recycling […]